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Hospital Maintenance


aintenance is one of the most important topics in order to prevent the breakdown of equipment, to make it work longer and therefore to save you a lot of money.
ELCT has worked out a Maintenance Policy to help the hospital management to plan the maintenance activities according to certain priorities and guidelines. The Donation guidelines in this policy shall help to improve the cooperation between donor and recipient and to avoid problems like misunderstanding and delivering of wrong equipment. At the same time these policy is also a guideline to HCTS for its work.
Download ELCT Maintenance Policy with donation guidelines (pdf 55 Kb).

Download the actual HCTS price list of 2006 for maintenance, installation and repair work (pdf 15 Kb).

Download the National Health Policy of the Ministry of Health of the United Republic of Tanzania (pdf 2.7 Mb).

In 2006 HCTS started with its Power Protection Program (PPP) to improve the protection of sophisticated equipment in hospitals like x-ray, ultrasound and vital machines like oxygen concentrators and anesthetic equipment.
In two first steps from October '06 until February '07 two technicians of HCTS are visiting all Lutheran hospitals in Tanzania, doing a first evaluation of the actual situation, and afterwards protecting the single equipment up to whole hospitals with cut off switches, over/ under voltage protection and stabilizers.

short manual for Sollatek Voltage Stabilizers (pdf 210 Kb)
short manual for Sollatek Automatic Voltage Switches (pdf 330 Kb)
Inhouse Teaching Handout (pdf 20 Kb)
Power Protection Questionnaire (pdf 55 Kb)

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