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n 1990 first inventory of ELCT hospitals was done by Yohanna Mkwizu

- 1991 Dr. Hildenbrand, Technical Consultant of MWB worked out a plan for a "Mobile Technical Hospital Service" for ELCT hospitals only

- 1993 Jürgen Clauss of FAKT started consulting CSSC in how to set up HCTS Zones

- 1994 An ecumenical service for all hospitals was started by ELCT with funds from OSD in North Eastern and North Western Zone

- 1996 The Workshop in Moshi was built
During the first years the income through the hospitals increased as the subsidy through OSD was reduced and additional income was generated through projects

- Change of Policy in 2000:
+ New Zones were introduced in Bukoba, Mwanza and Tanga. When North Eastern and North Western Zone was merged a new policy was introduced as HCTS remained with too many Hospitals to work as a single Zone (10 Lutheran, 10 Catholic, 1 Anglican Hospital and 5 Government Hospitals)
+ HCTS started to work on request only
+ HCTS managed to cover all local running costs with local income
+ No further OSD funds

- 2001 the income generating project "email service" started
- The big demand for reliable communication boosted the email service
- HCTS was lacking manpower so a diaconical worker was chosen to do studies in Mombasa in medical engineering to work as second engineer of HCTS in future

- The income generating projects took too much time, a solution had to be found: privatization of services in 2003
- Advanced Tech Service (ATS) was started up as registered business
- HCTS is contracting some work to ATS
- A new room for the shop was built and rented to ATS
- HCTS concentrates mainly on medical equipment

- 2006: starting the Power Protection Project for all Lutheran Hospitals in Tanzania
- In cooperation with the Infusion Unit, HCTS begins to train hospital technicians in subjects like Planned Preventive Maintenance, Power Protection and more general issues
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