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About HCTS


CTS is a technical service for maintenance of hospital equipment. Our technicians serve Hospitals all over the country in problems with more sophisticated equipment. HCTS belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) and is part of the Medical Department of ELCT Common-work in the headquarter in Arusha. It has its own subcontractor Advanced Tech Service (ATS) for computer repair and solar installations.
The structure is as follows:

ELCT Headquarter
ELCT Medical Board
Health Director
Medical Department – HCTS
Managing Director of HCTS

The philosophy of HCTS is not to replace a missing technical infrastructure in the health services (that would be impossible for a single institution), but to help the infrastructure growing, while local technicians are trained and more and more involved in the system. The most important goal is seen as complete sustainability, in financial and educational aspects. This is aspired to be reached within the next five years.

HCTS was founded in 1993 by ELCT, Bavarian Mission and OSD. Since then it has constantly grown and various changes have been made in order to improve the service.
See page History.

One clinical engineer, three technicians, one secretary, and two trainees form the staff of HCTS.
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